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Koloro MOD APK v6.2.5 (VIP Unlocked) for Android Download

Koloro MOD APK is the best-modified version of the Original Koloro App with all the premium features in it such a No ADS, No Watermarks, and Unlocked Everything in the app.

Tên ứng dụng Koloro MOD APK
nhà xuất bản cerdillac
thể loại
Kích thước 60 MB
Phiên bản mới nhất 6.2.5
Thông tin MOD No Watermark/All Filters Unlocked
Đòi hỏi 4.4 trở lên
Nhận nó trên Google Play
Tải xuống (60 MB)
Quảng cáo
Thông tin MOD
  • Đã mở khóa VIP
  • Không quảng cáo
  • Premium features
  • Không có hình mờ
  • Không giới hạn mọi thứ
  • Tất cả các bộ lọc đã được mở khóa
  • Dễ sử dụng
  • Powerful UI
  • Customizable Palettes
  • 800+ Presets
  • Image Clarity
  • Contrasted Editing
  • Balance Adjustments
  • Vignette Control
  • HDR Quality
  • Điều khiển tùy chỉnh
  • đồ họa đầy màu sắc
  • Hundreds of lightroom presets
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Color Balance
  • Edit photos directly in the app
  • Powerful editing tools
  • Built-in Masking
  • Built-in Blending Tools
  • Professional photo effects
  • Versatile sharing options
  • Color grading presets
  • Adjustable curves
  • Customizable watermarking

Koloro Mod APk is a free mobile application that is a modded version of the photo editing & retouching app that helps users perform photo editing and retouching app which helps users to edit & enhance their photos and videos and take them to the next level. It provides numerous powerful tools and features to help users create high-quality photos as well as videos which includes a wide range of filters & effects to create professional-looking images.

Koloro Apk has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy for users to navigate around the app that allows users to crop, rotate and adjust the color of the images. Other features include the ability to add frames, text, and stickers, adjust brightness and contrast, and create collages. Overall the Koloro Modified Apk provides a wide range of professional-looking tools as well as effects to create stunning images in the app.

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VIP Unlocked, No ADS, Premium features, No Watermark

So, first of all, with the Koloro Mod Apk VIP Unlocked version of the game, you can get all the premium features of the game just as No ADS and No Watermarks in your final result. So, if you are looking for a free photo editing & retouching tool that helps users maximize their results and outputs which is an ADS-Free platform then Koloro Mod is the app you’re looking for. Plus the app supports no watermark also so when you have edited your stuff you are not left with any watermark stuff at the end.

Koloro Premium Features

Unlimited Everything, All Filters Unlocked, Easy To Use & Powerful UI

Second of all with the Koloro Modded Apk Everything Unlocked version, the application would have all the things already unlocked for you. This means all the Filters in the App would be unlocked for you so that you can try out each and every one of them. Moreover, the Application is quite easy to use & it supports a powerful UI in the game which makes sure that everything in the app is pretty easy to perform and navigational also.

Koloro Mod Presets

Customizable Palettes, 800+ Presets, Image Clarity, Contrast

If we talk about some more In-App features of the Koloro Modified Apk then you can get customizable palettes in the game with hundreds of presets that you can try out. There are almost 800+ presets in the app that you can try out one by one with your photos & videos. The Image clarity of your photographs would also be one point with contrasted features in them.

Balance Adjustments, Vignette Control, HDR Quality, Controls

The Koloro Application has Split Toning Presets with color enhancement presets in it also. Here is a small list of some presets of the application. Moreover, if you are deep into editing and stuff then we would like to tell you that the app also supports the Vignette Control option in it with HDR Quality Editing performance. Some additional features such as Advanced Color Correction, Layer Blending, Clarity Enhancements, Grain & Noise Reduction are also a part of the Koloro Mod Apk Vip unlocked only.

  1. Split Toning Presets
  2. Color Enhancing Presets
  3. HDR Presets
  4. Vintage Presets
  5. Matte Presets B&W Presets
  6. Cross Processing Presets
  7. Soft Focus Presets
  8. High Contrast Presets
  9. Film Presets

Koloro Mod Apk Everything Unlocke

Từ cuối cùng

Well, if you’re a guy who is into photography & editing & shooting, or anything related to this then you may consider downloading the Kolora Mod Apk latest version because of all the features & options that it contains. Moreover, if you are also interested in more such applications then you can check out our Video Editor & Players category on our site to know more about them. Furthermore, if you have any doubts or queries regarding the article & the blog post then make sure you leave them down in the comments section & we’ll reply to you.

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Download Koloro MOD APK

Tải xuống (60 MB)

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