Top 5 Best Car Racing Games For Android

by anurag, Saturday, 28 January 2023 (2 months ago)

Car Racing or Driving Games has always been the best choice for Gamers. I personally love car racing games and I literally played almost more than a hundred car racing games. This is why I came up with the top 5 best Car Racing Android games for you. I am sure you also love car racing games and if yes, then this post is something which you should definitely read.

This list is based on games which liked by most people. It’s not based a number of downloads or number of stars or reviews, everything is based on how much everyone loves any particular game. So, I am sure every game on the list must be loved by you.

One more thing to remember is, everyone has different taste and everyone loves any particular thing according to taste, As I don’t like tea and some people can’t live without a sip of tea but that doesn’t mean the tea is bad for everyone. However, I just want to say that choose your favorite game according to your taste not according to which is on above of list.

Top 5 Best Car Racing Games for Android

Here are the best game relating to car racing or driving:

Asphalt 9 Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends is the latest version of the Asphalt 9 and its best game of Asphalt series. If you like to drive your dream cars then this game is something you should try. I really loved to drive my dream cars Lamborgini, Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche and many more. There are hundreds of cars available to choose, select your favorite car and drive.

Most People would say that Asphalt 8 should also be here in the list but here’s one thing to remember that Asphalt 8 is part of Asphalt, moreover, its previous version of the game there for the new version is possibly the better than previous. So Why not to take better.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is again my one of my favorite car racing games for Android and I always tell my friends to play this game. The best part is that this game is developed and published by Electronic Arts, a very popular gaming company especially known for its amazing sports games.

real racing 3 gameplay

You will be driving your car in the Racing track which makes you feel as you are pro Racer and drive your car in limitless speed. There are more than 20 Location in the game to discover and 40 circuits. And most I liked is more than 150 Cars, choose your favorite can and drive. Make sure you have enough storage on your Android Device, more than 1.9 Gb.

Asphalt Xtreme

This game is really awesome. Best Part of this game is that this game includes many brands of cars like jeep, ford, Mercedes Benz and many more. You can also play in Multiplayer with your friends this makes this game really amazing.

There are 5 different modes to play in the game and many places to discover. Over 300 career mode and many different challenges to play in the game. Just hold the steering as the way to want and enjoy the game.


I think this game is probably the best drag racing car game. You can compete with hundreds of different players from all around the world and show off your skill. The most amazing thing about this game is realistic graphics along with awesome gameplay. It will be real time racing game which you experience on your Android device.

The Race environments are more of Cities. You need to collect some cash to be the best out of your competitors and to upgrade new cars in the game.

Beach Buggy Blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz is buggy racing car game for Android. And believe me, it’s really fun to play the game. It includes many beautiful environments. Most of them would be beaches and you will be placed on the beach with race track along with your buggy. This makes this game fun.


At last, I just want to say that there are thousands of car racing games on the Internet and it’s really difficult to choose gems out of them. However, I hope you’ll like one of the games from the above list and make sure you choose the game which you like the most.

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