Tik Tok Ban in India | What to do Next? is it really ban?

by anurag, Saturday, 28 January 2023 (2 months ago)

You searched Tik Tok in the Google Play store and found Tik Tok is removed. You Searched Same in App Store and finds as the same there also Tik Tok was removed. But the question arises, tik tok is working fine which I have already downloaded. Is that means Tik Tok is not banned or the government is just trying to control the limits of new users in Tik Tok?

16 April 2019, Supreme court of India banned the using of Tik Tok App in India. This was mostly used by teenagers of India and popular among celebrities also. In this app, you can easily make videos which can entertain your audience easily. Really fun app but now its ban.

But we are here to discuss whether tik tok will permanently ban in India or its temporary. Because Tik Tok app is just removed from Play store and App store. not from our mobile phone. You can still use the Tik Tok App without any problem facing, just open it and it will work as nothing has happened to it.

Final Decision of Ban

The final decision of Ban of Tik Tok will be on 22 of April that means there is no official ban on the app. The official decision will be taken by the law on 22 April 2019 and if it gets ban then it will be removed from your phone or when you will open the app you’ll find any server error.

tik tok ban

Well, Whatever will happen to it, our responsibility is to control the use of an app. Our Law is intelligent enough to take a good decision. I just want to ask why it does not ban in US or UK, Just because their people know how to use an app. In India, most of the teenagers just indulge in Tik tok and don’t focus on their studies, one more reason has been out that it promotes wrong content. This makes the law take a decision which can help the future of India.

can it be ban after some time?

Let me be honest with you. Today is 20 and I am sure if you’re reading this post after 22 then you’ll find that Tik Tok isn’t banned. There are very fewer chances of that Tik Tok can be banned, law knows we cannot control these distractions if they ban Tik Tok then some other app can take place of is, says PUBG. And they can’t just ban ban and ban every app.

So the fair law will take fair decision and now, I am assuming that it’s after 22 and tik tok is still running.  So, what to do next.

Be Mature?

This is why the USA or UK, they don’t face these kinds of problems. They know how to manage their times along with entertainment. Tik Tok is Promoting some bad content which is not liked by our law and therefore they ban the use of tik tok in India. Tik Tok should have the responsibility of its users and should not have promoted the wrong content in their app.

Now, they are facing a problem with their own mistake. But along with the Mistake of Tik Tok, this was the mistake of users of Tik Tok also. So, remember from now you all should use tik tok in a genuine way, don’t post any wrong content and importantly don’t react on the wrong content.

Can it ever get ban in Future?

Yes, it can. Not just Tik Tok each and every app who doesn’t follow the rules and regulations made by our law can suffer from ban. Similarly can of PUGB, Its again well know game, you may play pubg but it is also not good for Indian teenagers so this is why the law is also discussing the matter of PUBG also.

You may already know of adult content has been ban in India. All adult sites are banned in India so Indian people can be safe from this type of stuff. India I religious country and developing state also, all the steps taken by the law are well discussed and taken by some of the most educated people. So, before criticizing any law of law you should think on behalf of the country also.


At last, there’s only one conclusion of this discussion and that is it is you who forces law to take these big actions. I know it’s a little harsh but Everyone should have little better thinking. Share this post to your friends if you want them to know about this new. And be aware for next time that not to indulge in useless things which spreads all around the Internet.

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