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Anurag, Sunday, April 7, 2019

Fighting game fans have had quite a few things to be happy. Street Fighter IV, WWE 2k15 and WWE 2k17 all found their way to android these beyond numerous years and each game was very well received.

If the ones super fighters weren’t enough for you — or they simply did not float your boat — a bit game known as Tekken 6 might be what you had been watching for.

I personally downloaded and play Tekken 6 on my Android and even on psp with latest apk and iso files of both accordingly. And on ppsspp emulator. 

So the main thing:

I am sure you are here to see how to download Tekken 6 apk+obb for Android and iso file for psp or maybe for ppsspp.

Yes, there are two ways to play this tittle(game) on Android, one is directly downloading apk and then follow the installation procedure given below in the article

and other is download iso file of psp version and play with ppsspp emulator on Android. You might have a question that which one is a better way? Don’t worry, just continue with the article you will get your answer.

I will also tell you the best tekken 6 settings that you should follow to have the best performance of this game on your device.

Not wasting much of time:

let’s proceed to Tekken 6 game description, after this, I will give you the download links to apk and psp iso.

Tekken 6 description


Things liked about the game

  • Graphics: The PSP version of game is a fantastically attractive game. The portable version does cut some corners, for example there is no option to turn on blur, but common it is a sharply detailed game.
  • Controls: With 4 face buttons and shoulder buttons and a quick directional pad, the PSP is a really perfect fit for the Tekken collection. Each face button controls a limb of your fighter and the heavy reliance on unmarried direction controls for special movements makes pulling off assaults at the PSP a breeze.
  • Responsiveness: There’s no stutter, no lag right here while gambling the game. Controls and the opponents are smooth and responsive, making taking tittle on the go a joy.
  • No Filler: The PSP version of this tittle does not include that traumatic, apparently in no way finishing Scenario Campaign that bloated the console versions of the sport. Everything you discover in this model of the game you’ll want to do.
  • Faster Load Times: My different chief criticism approximately the console model has additionally been constant within the portable version. The load times, particularly if you pre-load the game onto a Memory Stick, are lighting fixtures rapid. I experienced almost no wait at the same time as working thru the unmarried-player tale lines and arcade mod of the game.
  • Mappable Buttons: It may also appear like a minor thing, a no-brainer. But it’s first-class that the developers will let you map all of the buttons in your PSP to some thing controls you need. That manner you could make use of the shoulder buttons or forget about them. Your choice.
I some areas, Graphically, game a piece of age, however, continues to be attractive. All the characters had been well realized, with a preferred of an element corresponding to SoulCalibur IV, if no longer pretty beyond Virtua Fighter 5. 



Animation is also notable in ppsspp on my Android, with each combatant faithfully representing their selected preventing style – albeit with inhuman power and reduced gravity. 
Namco has additionally flourished title with an optional motion blur, which communicates a greater sense of momentum.
Things don’t like about the game
  • Stories: While reducing the state of affairs campaign from the portable version of Tekken 6 was the right move, it would have been best if the team spent a number of that greater time on beefing up the individual’s cartoon storylines.
  • No Online Multiplayer: Dark Resurrection’s loss of real online multiplayer turned into, perhaps, forgivable, but why would not this game have it when I downloaded it? Worse nonetheless, while the ability to shop and percentage ghosts of your fighting style with different gamers to apply as AI continues to be in the sport, that facts can now not be uploaded or downloaded online. All ghost data, as with multiplayer suits, can most effectively be shared via a local connection.
  • No Replay: It’s pleasant to have the ability to check out your finishing circulate after gambling a difficult healthy in Tekken, and there are masses of them. Unfortunately, the PSP model trimmed this option from the game for some purpose.
In the game:
Underneath the brand new textures and polygons, all of your old favorites like Jin, Hwoarang, Nina, and Paul have made it into the game at the side of six new combatants, giving this game a 40-sturdy roster and a brand new variety benchmark with psp iso file on Android

The new bloods are 3 new guys and 3 new ladies, with the larger than existence Bob my pick of the litter. His flamboyant flips and pirouettes are at odds with his excessive girth, and I cannot assist smiling at names like “rolling kebab” and “supersize missile”.

For the ones, gamers keen to make the leap from Tekken 5 to 6, be warned that Namco has made big changes to a handful of characters. 
My favorite Yoshimitsu:

Most important is Yoshimitsu and his new double sword style. One of Yoshimitsu’s precise strengths all through the series has been his crazy stances and unblockable sword assaults, and although he keeps a lot of his classic actions, the ways in which they mixture collectively have been drastically well reworked. 


It’s now not just Yoshimitsu even though – Marshall Law has also obtained some tweaks. The JKD Chef is a few movements up from his Tekken 5 day trip and looks more Game of Death than ever in his black and yellow tracksuit.
It  is an extremely good fighting game, one that improves the graphics and playability of the fighting franchise for the transportable. 
What it tragically does not do is push the envelope in any way to extend the reach of multiplayer gaming for the franchise. 
In reality, it definitely cuts down on the methods the sport can deliver extra lasting fun. While the game may be an ought to-have for lovers of the franchise, it still disappoints on that key problem.
Now, let’s move further to Download this game on android or psp.

How to download Tekken 6 for Android and PSP

So first let’s discuss, which would be better whether direct apk or psp iso on ppsspp emulator? So, my simple answer is best is go with psp iso because that the game is officially launched for psp, not for Android.
And you know that you can easily play any original psp game on Android with emulator so to get best and lag free game go with psp iso file of this game.
However, I will give download links of both apk and iso.

Tekken 6 Apk for Android

Here you can easily download Tekken 6 apk but you will be not getting the kind of enjoy that you would get on ppsspp.

Tekken 6 PSP ISO for PPSSPP

Follow these steps to play this game on Android:

Tekken 6 PSP ISO

  1. Download PPSSPP emulator on Android. I recommend to download ppsspp gold but it is paid if you wanted for free here is a download link.
  2. Download psp iso or cso file from above.
  3. Extract the iso file where you download.
  4. Run emulator and browse the extracted file.
  5. Choose your favorite character and enjoy the game.

Best setting for Tekken 6 ppsspp

You may check out these best settings of tekken 6 ppsspp or follow the videos below:
By https://droidtrix.info/
Or go with this videos:
I hope you successfully downloaded this game and playing on your Android. If you are facing any kind of problem with apk or iso files, just let me know, comment below, I am always available for you. 
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You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Make sure you check the Installation guide and MOD Info for specific details for installing and using MOD.
  • If you face any issues while installing or downloading you can contact us here.
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