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Download Mob Control MOD APK v2.62.1 (Unlimited Money, Removed ADS)

Gain complete control over your gaming experience with Mob Control Mod APK. Customize mobs, adjust difficulty settings, and unlock exclusive features for an unparalleled gaming adventure.

App Name Mob Control MOD APK
Publisher VOODOO
Size 151 MB
Latest Version 2.62.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Removed ADS
Requires 4.4 and up
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Download (151 MB)
MOD Info
  • Enhanced Weapons
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Unlimited Currency
  • Advanced Controls
  • God Mode
  • Auto Heal
  • Mega Damage
  • Speed Boost
  • VIP Access
  • Stealth Mode
  • Extreme Upgrades
  • Custom Skins
  • Ultimate Powers
  • Infinite Energy
  • Boss Slayer
  • Instant Upgrades
  • Unlock All
  • No Ads
  • Super Jump
  • Increased Range
  • Safe Mode
  • Time Freeze
  • Aim Assist
  • Fast Reload
  • Infinite Resources
  • AI Enemies
  • High Scores
  • Customizable Gear
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Auto Loot

“Mob Control MOD APK” revolutionizes gaming, offering an immersive experience where players wield power over a dynamic city. The modified version enhances the original game, providing unique features and capabilities for gamers to enjoy unprecedented control within the virtual metropolis. Users can manipulate elements, characters, and the environment, enabling a personalized and thrilling gameplay experience.

With this Mob Control MOD APK, players can explore new levels of strategy and creativity, exercising authority over the city’s inhabitants and settings, and delivering an unparalleled gaming adventure.

Enhanced Weapons, Infinite Ammo, and Unlimited Currency

Mob Control MOD APK

Enhanced Weapons in the mob control mod apk unlocked everything offer an array of upgraded armaments, providing players with an arsenal beyond the standard game, ranging from futuristic guns to powerful mythical weapons, each with boosted capabilities, damage, or unique attributes.

With Infinite Ammo, players enjoy an endless supply of bullets or projectiles, eliminating concerns about ammunition shortages, enabling continuous engagement and uninterrupted gameplay. Unlimited Currency grants players boundless financial resources, facilitating the purchase of in-game items, upgrades, and enhancements without constraints, empowering players to explore and maximize their gaming experience without worrying about scarcity or financial limitations.

Advanced Controls, God Mode and Auto Heal

Mob Control MOD APK

Advanced Controls in the mob control mod apk (unlimited cards) introduce a refined gaming interface, allowing players to customize and fine-tune their gameplay experience through enhanced button layouts, adjustable sensitivity, and customizable control schemes, ensuring a more responsive and tailored gaming environment.

God Mode offers an unparalleled level of invincibility, rendering players impervious to damage, making them indestructible within the game world, thereby allowing for fearless exploration and domination of adversaries without the fear of defeat. Auto Heal provides an automatic and swift health regeneration system, ensuring that players recuperate rapidly during combat or after sustaining injuries, enabling seamless and continuous gameplay without the hassle of manual health management.

Mega Damage, Speed Boost and VIP Access

Mega Damage in the Mob Control Mod APK amplifies the strength and impact of attacks, empowering players with an unprecedented level of destructive force, allowing them to obliterate opponents and overcome challenges with significantly enhanced firepower and increased damage output.

Speed Boost accelerates player movement, granting a rapid pace that exceeds standard limits, enabling swift navigation through game environments, quick escapes from danger, and a heightened advantage in combat scenarios, enhancing overall agility and responsiveness. VIP Access bestows exclusive privileges and benefits upon players, providing access to unique features, special content, and elite advantages within the game, elevating their gaming experience with reserved perks and premium content not available to regular users.

Stealth Mode, Extreme Upgrades and Custom Skins

Mob Control MOD APK

Stealth Mode in the mob control mod apk unlimited money offers players the ability to operate covertly, enabling them to maneuver undetected through the game world, evading enemy detection and allowing strategic, silent takedowns while remaining unseen, providing a tactical advantage in various scenarios.

Extreme Upgrades introduce unparalleled enhancements to weapons, abilities, and character attributes, allowing players to significantly augment their in-game capabilities beyond standard limits, resulting in a substantial power increase and a more formidable presence within the game environment. Custom Skins allow for personalized visual alterations, enabling players to tailor their in-game appearance with unique and personalized designs, fostering individuality and a personalized gaming experience through customizable character aesthetics.


In conclusion, the Mob Control MOD APK amplifies the gaming experience, granting players unparalleled dominion within a virtual cityscape. With its innovative features and enhancements, the modified version enables users to exercise control and influence over the game world in ways previously unattainable. The MOD APK presents an exciting opportunity for gamers to delve into a world where they can shape and direct the city’s destiny, fostering an engaging and immersive gaming experience.


Q: Are there any unique features for boss encounters?

A: Exclusive settings for boss encounters are available within the mod.

Q: Can I create my own mob battle arenas?

A: Absolutely, the mod allows for the creation of customized mob battle arenas.

Q: Is there a feature for adjusting mob strength?

A: Yes, you can fine-tune the strength and abilities of mobs to your liking.

Q: Are there options for special mob fusion within the mod?

A: Yes, you can explore unique mob fusion possibilities in the game.

Q: Can I control mob movements and group formations?

A: Yes, the mod offers tools to control mob movements and formations.

Download Mob Control MOD APK

Download (151 MB)

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  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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