Ludo King Android APK Tips that can make you Win Every Match

by anurag, Sunday, 29 January 2023 (2 months ago)

One game that has completely changed the board games genre with its huge popularity is Ludo King. And in the time when you’re with your friends and family and have nothing to do then you always think about any kind of board game and one game that hits everybody’s mind is Ludo King APK for Android devices.

However, Ludo King Game gives you many other features like playing online and playing with friends, Ludo King Android is just another typical Board game fro Android. But the thing is it is quite difficult to play when it comes to playing against 3 other pro players of Ludo King. But You know I am here always for you don’t worry.

Today, I will give some of the best tips and tricks that could make you win every match you play. Its easy and simple tips just need to keep in mind before you play the Online battle among other different players. I used these tips and tricks and after using these I told you to follow them.

Tips to keep in mind while you play Ludo King

Open 3 Pieces at a time

Look, One thing which tells about our win or loses is luck, we don’t know how many or when we going to get six. we can’t get unlimited six if you want that you can download the mod apk of ludo king to get unlimited sixes. But one thing which we can assure is that we make use of turns efficiently, so you must open 3 pieces, many people think we should open 4 pieces but that’s wrong.

You shouldn’t open 1 piece not even 2 not 4 but 3 pieces that is accurate opening and start. If you get any piece back then you should turn it open just after so that you don’t get your turn waste.

Run All pieces Simontanously

The biggest mistake that people make is that they run pieces one by one that worst strategy that anybody can opt. Why would anyone run one piece at a time? You should run all pieces on your desk at the time but that doesn’t mean that just go ahead without thinking about other pieces. If you think that your one-piece is no in a safe position then only you should go with other pieces.

This situation is the riskiest but the success of this condition will give you a guarantee to win. I use only this method and what I get, I end up winning most of the time in the game.

Don’t Mercy on Opponents

ludo king play with friends

You don’t have to care about any opponent, even if he guarantees that he will help you later than also not. Even if you get stuck in any situation like Safe your piece or kill other than forget about your piece just kill others. Simple Rule applies here, more you kill opponents’ pieces more you get chances of success.

Stay on Safe Place

Well, I can’t suggest you get into a safe place as this is all your turn will decide but what I can say that if you somehow get into a safe place then you don’t need to move those pieces until you get your all other pieces into a safe place. You should move other pieces and try to make them into a safe place if they get into a safe place then you should move those pieces.

This is how you can protect yourself from being killed, I use this method very much.

Download Ludo King MOD APK

One of the easiest way to always win in the game simply downloads Modded version of the game where you will get a mod menu which gives you features of Always Six, win, Unlimited Coins, no ads, and more. This mod menu is really awesome, I think one should definitely download this modded version of the game if he wants to win the game with the easiest way.

Timing of the Dice

different game modes

I don’t know whether its true or not but sometimes I really found that if you change the timing of the Dice then you get some different numbers. Like if you turn your dice fast this time next time take your time and turn your dice slow. That would be best idea, I am not sure this always works or not but Most times when I play the game, this works.

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