How to Stop Gaming Addiction (PUGB Mobile Special)

by anurag, Sunday, 29 January 2023 (2 months ago)

Most you guys must get addicted to playing PUBG Mobile on your Android device. I was also like you before I learned to control addiction. Yes, I read many ways online and watched many videos to stop PUBG addiction and then I digested some of the best ways and started writing this article.

No doubt, PUBG is a really awesome game but Its true that game is making our daily like worst and we don’t give much time to our families and other important things of our life. And we must know that game is built for us not we are made for the game.

I tried many ways but Finally, these tips helped me to play the game for a certain limit. Now, my PUBG addiction is controlled and I only play PUBG for 2 hours a day and even less.

Tips to Stop PUBG Addiction

1. Develop higher Taste

You don’t actually need to stop playing PUBG Mobile, all you need to do is just develop higher taste. What does that mean? Simple, just addict to something else then of game. Let me share you my story, I tried hundreds of ways to stop playing PUBG mobile on my Android device but never could stop playing.

But My friend who recently broke up with her girlfriend told me that I didn’t forget my love I just loved someone else better than girlfriend more productive. And you won’t believe now his working out really hard in the gym. Same Way I bought boxing gloves with a boxing bag and I hardly play this game.

You should also develop a higher taste, may one thing will not work for you, but you can always try new things but make sure that would be productive. My friend got himself indulge with guitar and I almost forgot PUBG Mobile.

2. Never Uninstall PUBG From Mobile

Let me ask you question, How many times you uninstalled PUBG Mobile from your Android or IOS device. I am sure, the answer will be one less than the number of time you installed PUBG on your Mobile Phone. Me also every time I uninstall PUBG, just after some time I install the game again.

uninstall pubg

This is the biggest mistake every addicted PUBG player do who wants to get off the addiction. So what to do if don’t uninstall the game. The answer is Nothing. Sometimes nothing is the hardest thing to so. If you set PUBG to play for only 2 hours a day then never play PUBG Mobile at moring or even till evening. Just play PUBG at night so you can have less time to play.

3. Don’t think or think negative

Never think about the game, Most people think about the game in a way to push rank, to do this or that but the Best suggestion is not to think about the game. And if you want to think always think negative that game isn’t good, its really bad in terms of gameplay and sound.

But In reality, this is the truth game is not so good. see, You land the place and then you get to fight after some times says 2-3 mins, the place would be clear. What next wait for 20 mins to zone get close and to get people to fight. That’s really boring. This is why PUBG mobile is the worst game which I have ever played.


4. Addiction isn’t really Addiction

One thing people don’t understand that the addiction you are saying is not really an addiction. Because if you are fulfilling your priority and doing your daily things properly then nothing to worry about your gaming addiction until everything you plan for the day is going good + you talk with your family and sit around with them discuss on match going on Tv or can be any serial.

It’s like if you are eating chocolates but brushing your teeth 2 times a day then no worries at all. Enjoy.


Controlling the PUBG mobile isn’t a big task. Just follow these tips and you could definitely stop playing PUBG Mobile. It would be difficult at first, boring at middle but enjoyable at last.

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