How to Install MOD APKs & OBB Files of Games & Apps?

Well, often when we get the Mod Apks & the Obb files of our favorite games out there on the internet & the websites sometimes we often face some of the kind of difficulties while downloading them & Installing them. Whether it’s downloading the APKs of the applications or the OBB files where sometimes people are not able to extract them properly. So, this becomes quite the problem which is worth noticing as we as solving that can allow people to play the respective games & use the applications without any kind of issues.

So, therefore, in this article of ours today we would be discussing the Best Guide out there on How to Install MOD APKs & OBB Files of Games and Apps. This will include the Step-By-Step process of downloading the particular game from the point when you click on the website till playing the game after downloading & installing it. That’s why you don’t have to get confused among any of the steps in between as we will be guiding you through all the steps of downloading the MOD APKs & OBB Files properly.

What are XAPKs, APKs, APK & OBB Files?

Basically, these are the main files as well as the applications that you need to install in order to run & play or use your game or application respectively on your smartphone. First of all, if we talk about the XAPKs then these are the compressed apk files that include all of the major files that you need to download & install your particular game such as .apk files with the other .obb files also.

And, inside it, we have the .apk or .apks in short the APK which also stands for the Android Package Kit which is mainly the file that is used by your Android Operating System & the APK Installer to install this file in your smartphone. In short, when you download the GAME or APP you get its icon on the home screen after completing the installation process, so that icon is mainly & basically the APK.

Moving ahead, now when we come to OBB it is an abbreviation for Opaque Binary Blob then it is basically the Data File or we can say the main Android assets that the particular game needs to run properly & seamlessly. We’ll explain to you in detail in the next part of the article with an example of a such game which is BGMI also known as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Understanding the Functioning of APK & OBB Files in Detail?

So, here I will explain to you how the APK & its Data File, or we can say the OBB File works with an example of one of the most popular Battle Royale games in India which is BGMI also known as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

So, whenever you download the game from Google Play Store or any other site from the web you download its APK & then install it which is around 600-700 MB & once you have installed the APK of the game & you open it, the game starts to download the Data file or you can say the OBB File in other words.

Now, this OBB file is around 1-1.5 GB which is the Android assets & the data of the game which goes into the main folder of your Android>OBB>Data folder of your device. So, this is how practically the APK & OBB Data file is placed downloaded & installed in your smartphone & how you successfully download & install your particular Game or App.

How To Install the APK or MOD APK File from the Site?

So, whenever you are going to install & download such an app or game from the web then the first thing that you need to check is that do you have any other older versions of the game already installed on your smartphone & if yes then make sure you uninstall it first. And, after deleting that previous version of the game or app then you can follow the steps given down below.

Step 1: Click on the Download Button to start downloading your favorite game or app’s file from the website

Step 2: Next up, allow your device to download from unknown sources by going to the device’s Settings>Security>Enable Unknown Sources

Unknown Sources

Step 3: After allowing this, click on the install button which will start the installation process of the application.

Step 4: Now, you’ll have the game installed on your smartphone, and the app or game’s icon will appear after successful installation, now just click on that icon and you can start playing or using the game or app respectively.

Note: For some types of installer files, you first have to click on it to set it up as a resource file and then follow the same steps only.

How to Setup Your OBB & Data File?

Step 1: So, in order to download your OBB first of all you have to download it & extract it

Step 2: After downloading the OBB, second of all you need to copy the main obb file to Internal Storage/Android/OBB

Step 3: Remove the main obb file from anywhere else in the smartphone, and now you can run your game.

Note: While downloading or installing the game or app file you need to be aware of the malicious applications also as they are probably being your personal data which may result in your information being leaked.


Well, that was the Best Guide that we can provide you on How to Install MOD APKs & OBB Files of Games & Apps, now if you wish to download any of your favorite MOD APKs of Games or Applications then now you can download your favorite APKs then you can download as well as install them on your android devices without any kind of problems from our website if you wish to. Check out all the different categories as well as the genres in which you can find different varieties of games & apps.