How to Become PRO Player in Garena Free Fire (100% booyah)

by anurag, Saturday, 28 January 2023 (2 months ago)

Garena Free Fire is no doubt a wonderful game and there are hundreds of thousands of players playing this game daily. Besides the fact that the game is really simple but still most people face difficulties and they are not able to get more kills and get killed soon.

So, Everyone whats to become Pro Player in Garena Free Fire. This is what I am gonna discuss today that how you can become Pro Player in Garena Free Fire. It’s not difficult all you need to do is follow these simple strategies which I am gonna give you and practice it.

Tips and Tricks to Become Pro Player in Free fire

Try to Land on Building

This mistake made by many people, they don’t know how to land with full clarity. Landing takes many crucial things like when to jump when the parachute is to be open and where you need to land. First, you need to jump before your place and then keep going until you reach near to your place where you want to land then open the parachute and try to get into the buildings. Get gun and kill.

Take more Fights

Most people what they do is they hide and wait for some people to get killed and then you show up. And then they try to fight but this is a really poor technique. In this way, you never gonna be a good player in Free fire. You need to land on Crowded Places and Take more Fights.

This way you can have more practice and one day you will get more kills and your practice will lead you to a better tomorrow. So don’t hide, get more fights. And Taking more fights doesn’t mean that you go open and start shooting. Your strategical mind will play an important role here. So let your strategical mind works in Free fire.

Good Guns Combination

Garena Free fire tips

Gun Combination plays a really important role here. You need to have good combinations of guns, but that doesn’t mean pick up all the best guns in the game. You need to select those guns which suit you and that you like. If you ask me I always take one shotgun with one AR.

Snipers don’t play an important role in Garena Free Fire. Because sniper is not at all good in this game. Choosing the best gun will make you a Pro Player in Garena Free Fire.

FootSteps are Important


It becomes really important to hear the footsteps of your enemies clearly. so, I suggest you use earphones which will make you hear the footsteps of your enemies very clearly. As like in PUBG MOBILE footsteps don’t show up in the screen so you need to hear them by good earphones inside your ears.

Good Coordination among friends

How to Become Pro in Free fire

If you’re playing this game alone then it’s okay, you can move forward to the next point but if you’re playing it with your friends then it becomes really important that you coordinate with them. Turning your mice off will not help you anymore. There are other squads that are making really awesome strategies and coordinating among them and you also need to do the same.

Not only you need to coordinate with them but also you need to stay together. Staying together will help you to kill your enemies fast and even if some of your guys knocked down then also you can easily revive him/her. But you need to stay together with them.

Try Garena Free Fire MOD APK

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Final Words

Mastering or Becoming a Pro player in Garena Free Fire isn’t that difficult. I also mastered the game within one month and you can also and even is lesser time. But you need to be consistent with Practice more and more. Pick up your favorite weapons and follow the above strategies and win the game.

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