Free Fire Guide Top 10 Tips and Tricks To Survive Last in 2023

by anurag, Saturday, 25 February 2023 (3 weeks ago)

Everybody wants to become a pro player in Garena Free Fire and wants to have an amazing skill set so that they can finish their enemies in an instant without any problem. And, because of this a normal player just like me & starts looking forward to the absolute guide to becoming a pro player in the game. Although that guide contains a lot of things that a player first has to go through and master which takes a lot of time if you’ll start learning.

But still, there are some Tips & Tricks which will affect your gameplay pretty drastically, and can even take it to the next level if you implement all of them wisely. And, Guess what? The best part is that these Tricks don’t even take much time to learn & master. So, that’s why if you’re a beginner to the game & you’re looking forward to the best list of Top 10 Free Fire Tips & Tricks, then these could be the ones you’re looking forward to.

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How Did We Come Up with this List?

Well, players must be wondering about this one definitely and even should be because some of you may even ask how did you come up with this kind of list, so here’s the answer to your question. See, Garena Free Fire was released on 23 August 2017, and we as gamers at FastModApk have been playing the game for the past 4 years which is from 2019 – 2023, we have been experimenting with a lot of things of the game, and doing all that stuff we have gathered a lot of experience as well as knowledge.

Therefore, looking at the best Tips & Tricks as per the web and more importantly our own experience. We at FastModApk have come up with our today’s list of the Best Guide on the Top 10 Free Fire Tips & Tricks out there that a beginner can use to improve their gameplay & take it to the next level in 2023.

#1. Sensitivity & HUD Controls

Starting with our today’s article with the first Tip which will be one of the most helpful for you among all, is experimenting with your Sensitivity & HUD Controls. See, unlike other sources, we don’t tell our viewers to completely change their settings but instead, set your sensitivity & your hud controls according to your preferences in the game.

It will be more convenient for you once you’ll start adjusting the controls according to your choices & how you feel comfortable with them, try out the settings, then apply them.

Free Fire Sensitivity

#2. Avoid Camping & Play Rush

The second most important thing about improving your gameplay is avoiding camping in the game and playing rush games. It’s more important to be more aggressive in the game because of 2 main things, the first one is that you have to be more aggressive in the game to improve your gameplay, and second, you got to increase your KD ratio in the game.

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#3. Choose Your Character Wisely

It’s even more important that you recognize the abilities as well as the skill set of your character which you will need the most in the game, if you know about your character and its abilities, then you’ll be able to use them at the right place & time giving you a great advantage over any other player.

#4. Use Grenades & Gloo Walls

Coming to the 4th Tip we got to discuss using different types of throwables in the game like your Grenades & Gloo Walls. If we talk about the Gloo Walls then I would say that they are among the best throwables in the game, if you master using Gloo Walls in the game, then you can win almost every fight which you will face in the game.

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And, the particular reason behind it is that as you’ll slowly and gradually progress in the game, you will start using Gloo Walls & other throwables in the game more frequently, so it’s better to know about them beforehand only.

Free Fire Gloo Walls

#5. Keep Changing Your Locations

Also, keep in mind, that when you keep changing your locations in the game frequently, this is the only way you cannot expose yourself to the enemies, and be safe. By changing locations not only players can take more advantage of other people, but at the same time you can get to know about other squad locations & where they are hiding, but in this case, also you have to be more careful without exposing yourself.

#6. Focus on Increasing your KD

The most crucial point which often most people forget is about focusing on increasing your KD first instead of your rank in the game, or anything. According to our experience & the time we have given in the game, most of the beginner players out there usually like to camp in the game which is not the very best option.

Instead, if you are new to the game you should try to improve your gameplay in the game, and that can happen if you’ll try to focus on improving your KD which is the Kill-To-Death ratio in the game, at least aim for 3 KD & then you can slowly & gradually increase it.

Free Fire Headshot

#7. Try To Aim at Headshot

The difference between damage dealt by Bodyshots & Headshots are completely different because with body shots where you need to hit your enemies 10-12 times with a normal gun to finish the enemy with Headshots, you can finish the same enemy in only 2-3 shots maximum, but for that, you need to control on your accuracy also and try to aim at the head of the enemy only.

#8. End-Circle Healing Game

End-Circle healing battles are one of the most thrilling & interesting battles, for this one you have to collect a lot of medkits & syringes so that you can constantly keep on healing yourself and win at the end game. So, this could be one of the tactics that you can use in the game to improve your gameplay.

#9. Conqueror The Blue Zone

Remember one thing, if you’ll conqueror the blue zone then half of the game will be in your hands only, if you have a good position in your blue zone, then hardly you would be defeated in the game, but you see everybody is chasing for that blue zone so that’s why you got to stay more careful & aware while going for it.

#10. Shoot in Various Positions

The next & last tip of our today’s article is shooting in different positions, and this could really contribute to enhancing your gameplay & being a part of your skill set, so basically when you are in close-range fights try to dodge & shoot the enemy at the very same time just like jump & shoot or even crouch & shoot. Some players are also prone instantly while shooting at the enemy, but this way you can be knocked out because the enemy’s aim will be directly at your head.

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