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Dragon Tamer MOD APK v1.6.0 (Unlimited Money) For Android

This exciting Mod APK lets you master Dragon Taming. Train dragons, go on epic journeys, and win deadly fights. Download and release your dragon!

App Name Dragon Tamer MOD APK
Size 908 MB
Latest Version 1.0.42
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Requires 4.4 and up
Get it On Google Play
Download (908 MB)
MOD Info
  • Catch & Train Rare Dragons 
  • Summon Dragons In Battles 
  • Take Control Of Dragon Forms 
  • Physics-Based Fighting System 
  • Epic Boss Battles 
  • Experience Thrilling 3d Battles 
  • Evolve & Customize Dragons 
  • Design Unique Battle Skills 
  • Unlock Powerful Combos 
  • Call Upon Callers To Help In Combat 
  • Explore A Dynamic 3d Open-World 
  • Expand The Kingdom & Recruit New Allies 
  • Score & Compare Scores With Friends 
  • Craft Unique Items & Weapons 
  • Farm, Mine & Harvest Resources 
  • Special Weather Affects The Open-World 
  • Defend Against Roaming Monsters 
  • Encounter Epic Special Events 
  • Upgrade Buildings & Territory 
  • Compete In Real-Time Pvp Battles  
  • Access Story-Driven Quests 
  • Grow & Advance Your Dragons 
  • Unlock Consequential Accessories 
  • Talk To Other Players From The World 
  • Conquer & Tame Monsters In Wild 
  • Variety Of Arenas & Locations 
  • Forge & Share Custom Links 
  • Train Dragon Armies & Attacks 
  • Collect & Activate Boons 
  • Conquer Dynamic Game Modes

Dragon Tamer Mod APK lets you become a powerful dragon tamer. This customized version of the popular game makes dragon training exciting and adventurous. The Mod APK transports you to a fascinating world of majestic dragons of diverse shapes, sizes, and elemental affinities. Nurture and train these gorgeous creatures to uncover their great potential and create an unbreakable link between dragon and human.

This game lets you fully experience dragon taming with expanded features and infinite resources. You can unleash rare dragons quickly with enough gems, money, and other resources. Dragon tamers have many duties beyond training. You must also fight fierce opponents and rival tamers. Conquer challenging objectives and powerful opponents to unlock your dragons’ full potential.

The dragon tamer mod apk (unlimited everything)  has gorgeous scenery, vibrant animations, and carefully created dragon species. The game’s detailed environments range from lush forests to towering mountains.

Catch & Train Rare Dragons, Summon Dragons, Take control of Dragon forms.

Dragon Tamer Mod APK lets you train rare dragons. Explore the game’s enormous environment, find dragon lairs, and catch rare creatures with unique skills. Carefully teach them and see them become formidable friends. Dragons unleash their full power in battle. Battle other tamers and strong opponents with your trained dragons.

Use their elemental strengths and strategize to win epic fights. The thrills continue. The Mod APK lets you control dragons. Transform into these fantastic beasts, retain their powers, and see the world as a dragon. Fly through the air, fire your foes, and rule the realm.

Dragon Tamer Mod Apk Premium

Physics-Based Fighting, Epic Boss Battles, Experience Thrilling 3D Battles

The Mod APK adds realism and excitement to combat with a physics-based fighting system. Dragons move, attack, and interact with realistic physics, making combat exciting. Watch dragons collide, launch deadly assaults, and feel each blow in breathtaking realism. Epic boss fights will test your skills. Fight massive enemies that need strategic thought, fast reactions, and the full force of your trained dragons.

Conquer them, find their vulnerabilities, and win unique treasures and new challenges. Enjoy The Mod APK’s excellent 3D combat. The intricate settings, stunning animations, and lifelike dragon models transport you to a world where dragons rule the skies. Battle dragons in stunning 3D visuals in high-stakes confrontations.

Dragon Tamer Mod 2

Evolve & Customize, Design Unique Battle Skills, Unlock Powerful Combo

Dragon Tamer Mod APK lets you evolve and customize dragons to maximize their potential. Watch your dragons grow more robust and more beautiful. Customize your dragons from their elemental affinities to their physical features to match your strategy and personality—design battle skills to boost your dragons’ combat abilities.

Customize their move sets, choose devastating attacks, and strategically distribute skill points for a powerful arsenal. Try different combinations and use your dragons’ characteristic moves to win battles. Unlock devastating combos with skill as you continue. Master timing and chaining attacks to produce devastating combos that change the battlefield. Use these potent combinations to win battles as a dragon tamer.

Call Upon Callers to Help, Dynamic 3D Open World, Expand Kingdom

Callers, firm friends, help you fight in The Mod APK. These skillful warriors can change the battle. Please choose the correct Callers for each encounter, use their strengths, and watch them unleash powerful assaults with your dragons. Explore a 3D open world full of delights and dangers. Quest, explore, and find treasures—battle in a natural, breathing world of surprises amid forests, mountains, and more.

Dragon tamers affect beyond fighting. Develop a prosperous kingdom. Train new allies as dragon tamers and build a powerful army. To keep your empire unchallenged, improve its infrastructure, unlock new technologies, and form alliances.


Dragon Tamer Mod 3


Dragon lovers and adventurers will love Dragon Tamer Mod APK. It elevates dragon taming with compelling features, including catching and training rare dragons, physics-based battles, and spectacular 3D fighting. Evolution, personalization, and unlocking powerful combos give the game strategic depth.

Callers as battle buddies, 3D open-world exploration, and the ability to extend your kingdom and recruit allies enhance the immersive experience. In this captivating realm, unleash your inner dragon tamer, overcome great trials, and become the dragon master. Download dragon tamer mod apk (unlimited money and gems) 2023 today for an exciting dragon journey!


Q: Mod APK of Dragon Tamer: safe to install?

Downloading modified APK files from unofficial sources may bring more features and benefits, but it’s risky. To protect your device and data, download from trusted sources.

Q: Mod APK of Dragon Tamer: offline play?

Mod APK of Dragon Tamer is playable offline after installation. 

Q: Mod APK of Dragon Tamer has in-app purchases?

Modded games frequently have infinite resources or no in-app payments. 

Q: Can I sync the Mod APK of Dragon Tamer’s progress with the original game?

Modded APK files usually don’t sync with the original game. Play the original game, not the altered APK, to continue your journey.

Q: Can all devices run the Mod APK of Dragon Tamer?

Mod APK of Dragon Tamer works with most Android devices, but not all. Before downloading and installing the game, check your device’s specs and compatibility with the patched APK.

Download Dragon Tamer MOD APK

Download (908 MB)

You are now ready to download Dragon Tamer MOD APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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