FastMODAPK does not Host any kind of copyright and related rights Materials/Content for which whose rights belong to other persons or entities. If Right Holder finds such material/Content or our site then he/she has the Complete right to appeal to the administration so the issue could be resolved.

How the issue could be resolved?

  1. Existing Content/Application Links will be replaced/Removed to original Application/Content which is provided by the Owner with Complete Credit. As per the will of Right Holder, respected Action will be taken.
  2. A link of the Application is replaced by the reference to Google Play Store, Appstore, Amazon store or any other official belongs website.
  3. If Right Holder wants to delete all the references to the Application site then he/she have to confirm their rights to that application hosted on the site. This can be done through:
  • Write the Message with Administration Site’s E-mail, With which Offical Application is listed on the official site or company, which developed or published it.
  • Write the Message with Administration Site’s E-mail, with Application is specified.
  • Send us the Scanned Documents, or Copyright which could easily confirm that copyright is held by the owner.
  • All this Can be done by contacting us through Contact us page.

You can read Copyright Law – 17 U.S.C 512(c)(3) for more information