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Dazz Cam MOD APK v4.8 Download (Premium, Unlocked All)

Transform your photos into captivating works of art with the Dazz Cam mod apk! Unleash the power of dazzling effects and advanced AI filters now. Ready to amaze!

App Name Dazz Cam MOD APK
Publisher Vintage Camera 1998
Size 32 MB
Latest Version 1.4.5
MOD Info Premium, Unlocked All
Requires 4.4 and up
Get it On Google Play
Download (32 MB)
MOD Info
  • Unlimited HD Resolution
  • Unlocked Pro Filters
  • Customizable Camera Modes
  • Manual Controls for Exposure, ISO, and White Balance
  • RAW Shooting and Editing
  • Professional Photo Enhancement
  • Advanced Lightroom Integration
  • HDR Mode
  • Night Mode
  • AI Face Detection
  • Smile Recognition
  • Augmented Reality Effects
  • ARBeauty: Retouching Filter
  • 360-Degree Panorama
  • AR Animoji: 3D Expression Generator
  • Motion Capture and Tracking
  • Portrait Mode with Background Blur
  • Background Removal
  • Dual-Lens Blur and Color Pop Effects
  • Stunning 3D Effects
  • Resize and Crop Images
  • Collage Effects
  • Advanced Text Editing
  • Noise Reduction Tool
  • Motion Sensors for Super Steady Shots
  • Image Stabilization
  • Professional Video Stabilization
  • Color Grading
  • AI Object Recognition
  • Unlimited Photo Storage

Welcome to the world of Dazz Cam MOD APK! Are you ready to transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary visual masterpieces? Dazz Cam is an innovative and powerful photo editing app that brings a mesmerizing array of dazzling effects to your fingertips. With its advanced AI technology and cutting-edge filters, Dazz Cam allows you to explore artistic photography like never before.

From subtle enhancements to bold transformations, Dazz Cam offers various editing tools to cater to every style. So, buckle up and embark on a thrilling visual journey with dazz cam mod apk premium unlocked!

Unlimited HD Resolution, Unlocked Pro Filters, Customizable Modes

With Unlimited HD Resolution feature, users can preserve their photos’ original clarity, sharpness, and detail, even after applying various filters and effects. It ensures that your final edited images retain their excellence, making them suitable for printing, sharing on social media, or displaying on high-resolution screens without losing visual quality.

Unlocked Pro Filters feature including the premium ones, become available to users without additional charges. This means users get unrestricted access to a broader range of powerful and professional-grade filters, which can significantly enhance their photos’ visual appeal and bring out previously limited creative possibilities.

The Customizable Camera Modes feature allows users to tailor the camera settings to their preferences and shooting scenarios. It ultimately leads to more efficient and satisfying photography experiences, enabling users to capture precisely the shots they envision.

RAW Shooting, Editing, and Professional Photo Enhancement

Dazz Cam Mod APK supports RAW shooting, a format that captures and stores all the data from the camera’s sensor without compression or processing. It empowers users to achieve stunning results and produce professional-grade photographs with maximum flexibility and creative potential. It provides many powerful editing tools to enhance and refine your photos. The combination of RAW shooting capability and advanced editing tools enables users to perform professional photo enhancement.

By shooting in RAW, users can capture the maximum amount of image data, providing a solid foundation for post-processing. With the app’s comprehensive editing features, users can take their photos to the next level, correcting imperfections, emphasizing key elements, and applying sophisticated adjustments for an overall polished and refined look.

Whether you’re an amateur photographer looking to improve your skills or a seasoned professional seeking an efficient yet powerful editing solution, Dazz Cam Mod APK has all the tools to elevate your photography to new heights.

Advanced Lightroom Integration, HDR Mode, and Night Mode

Dazz Cam Mod APK offers seamless integration with Adobe Lightroom, one of the most popular and powerful photo editing software used by professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. This feature allows users to easily import their Dazz Cam-edited photos into Lightroom for further fine-tuning and advanced editing.

HDR mode helps preserve details in the highlights and shadows, resulting in a more balanced and visually appealing photograph. Whether capturing landscapes with bright skies or interior scenes with varying light levels, HDR mode ensures your photos look more true-to-life and captivating.

Dazz Cam Mod APK’s Night Mode optimizes photo capture in low-light conditions. When shooting in dimly lit environments or during nighttime, the Night Mode automatically adjusts camera settings to allow more light into the sensor while reducing noise and maintaining image clarity.

AI Face Detection, Smile Recognition, and Augmented Reality Effects

Dazz Cam Mod APK incorporates AI-powered face detection technology to identify and recognize human faces within the images. This advanced feature ensures that faces are automatically detected, even in complex or crowded scenes, making it easier for users to focus on specific subjects during editing.

Whether capturing candid moments or posed portraits, the smile recognition feature helps emphasize joy and happiness, enhancing the emotional impact of the photos. Users can also leverage this feature to trigger specific editing presets or effects tailored to smiling faces, creating engaging and dynamic visuals.

Dazz Cam Mod APK introduces Augmented Reality (AR) effects, unlocking a world of playful and imaginative enhancements for photos and videos. Whether for personal enjoyment or social media marketing, AR effects offer an exciting dimension to photo editing and content creation.


In conclusion, Dazz Cam Mod APK brings unparalleled creativity and versatility to the realm of mobile photography. Users can transform their ordinary photos into extraordinary visual masterpieces with its exceptional features like Unlimited HD Resolution, Unlocked Pro Filters, and Customizable Camera Modes.

The integration with Adobe Lightroom enables seamless desktop editing, while the HDR Mode and Night Mode ensure stunning results in challenging lighting conditions. The app’s AI Face Detection and Smile Recognition add a touch of precision to portrait photography, while the Augmented Reality Effects open up a world of playful and imaginative enhancements. dazz cam mod apk old version is a must-have for photographers and enthusiasts alike, empowering them to unleash their creativity and take their photography to new heights.


Q: Is Dazz Cam Mod free to use?

A: Yes, Dazz Cam Mod is free, offering a wide range of features and tools without any cost. However, remember that modded apps may not have official support and could carry certain risks, so use them responsibly.

Q: How can I access the Unlocked Pro Filters in Dazz Cam APK?

A: In Dazz Cam APK, all filters, including the Pro Filters, are unlocked by default, granting users unrestricted access to the full range of powerful and professional-grade filters without additional charges.

Q: Does Dazz Cam support RAW shooting?

A: Dazz Cam supports RAW shooting, allowing users to capture and retain the highest image data and quality for later post-processing and editing.

Q: Can I apply Augmented Reality Effects to both photos and videos?

A: Yes, Dazz Cam APK’s Augmented Reality Effects can be used in images and videos, adding a playful and imaginative touch to your visual content.

Q: Does Dazz Cam Mod work on Android and iOS devices?

A: Dazz Cam Mod is specifically designed for Android devices.

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