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Auto Clicker MOD APK v2.1.4 (Pro Unlocked) Free Download

Enhance your productivity and gaming experience with our Auto Clicker Mod APK. Gain control over automated clicking and customization, making repetitive tasks a breeze. Download now!

App Name Auto Clicker MOD APK
Publisher True Developers
Size 4 MB
Latest Version 2.1.4
MOD Info Pro Unlocked
Requires 4.4 and up
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Download (4 MB)
MOD Info
  • Multi-Target Auto Clicking
  • Adjustable Click Interval
  • Customizable Click Locations
  • Repeatable Click Sequences
  • Randomized Click Patterns
  • Rapid Fire Clicking Mode
  • Gesture-Based Clicking
  • Long Press Simulations
  • Scroll Wheel Emulation
  • Keyboard Shortcut Integration
  • Multiple Profiles Support
  • Record and Playback Functionality
  • Interval-based Clicking
  • Preset Game Macros
  • Auto-Stop Timer
  • Click and Drag Automation
  • Pixel Color Detection
  • Image Recognition for Clicking
  • Trigger on Text Recognition
  • Randomized Delay Feature
  • Advanced Hotkey Customization
  • Looping Click Execution
  • Real-Time Click Coordinates Display
  • Window Focus Detection
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • App-Specific Profiles
  • Randomized Mouse Movement
  • Humanized Click Patterns
  • Adjustable Click Count
  • In-App Tutorials and Help Center

In today’s fast-paced digital world, automation is the key to efficiency and convenience. Whether you’re a dedicated gamer looking to gain the upper hand in your favorite titles or a professional seeking to streamline repetitive tasks, the Auto Clicker Mod APK is your ultimate solution. This innovative tool takes automation to the next level, offering an array of features that empower you to control and customize your automated clicking actions. Let’s explore how the Auto Clicker Mod APK can transform your digital experience.

Multi-Target Clicking, Adjustable Click Interval, Customizable Click Locations

auto clicker mod apk

The auto clicker mod apk premium offers an impressive array of features, including the capability for Multi-Target Auto Clicking, Adjustable Click Interval, and Customizable Click Locations. With Multi-Target Auto Clicking, you can effortlessly click on multiple targets simultaneously, a game-changer for gamers and productivity enthusiasts, streamlining tasks and gaming experiences.

The Adjustable Click Interval feature provides the flexibility to fine-tune clicking speed, allowing you to customize the time gap between clicks to match your desired pace for various activities. Moreover, the Customizable Click Locations feature grants precise control, enabling you to specify exact coordinates on your screen for clicks, whether for in-game actions or automating work tasks with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Repeatable Click, Randomized Click Patterns and Rapid Fire Clicking Mode

auto clicker mod apk

The Auto Clicker Mod APK takes automation to the next level with features such as Repeatable Click Sequences, Randomized Click Patterns, and Rapid Fire Clicking Mode. With Repeatable Click Sequences, you can define and automate complex sequences of clicks, perfect for repetitive actions in games or tasks.

The Randomized Click Patterns feature introduces an element of unpredictability to your automated clicks, ideal for gaming strategies or diverse tasks. Rapid Fire Clicking Mode, on the other hand, provides lightning-fast clicking for those intense gaming moments, giving you the edge you need. These features collectively enhance your control and efficiency in various digital activities.

Gesture-Based Clicking, Long Press Simulations and Scroll Wheel Emulation

Enhance your interaction with the digital world through the Auto Clicker Mod APK’s advanced features, which include Gesture-Based Clicking, Long Press Simulations, and Scroll Wheel Emulation. Gesture-based clicking enables intuitive interactions by replicating touch gestures, making it perfect for touch-screen emulations or precise input automation.

Long Press Simulations simulate the extended press of a mouse click, ideal for context menus and extended actions. Scroll Wheel Emulation offers a mouse-wheel-like functionality, which proves invaluable for scrolling in applications and games. These features combine to provide a more versatile, natural, and precise control over your digital environment.

Keyboard Shortcut, Multiple Profiles, Record and Playback Functionality

auto clicker mod apk

Efficiency is at your fingertips with the Auto Clicker Mod APK, thanks to Keyboard Shortcut Integration, Multiple Profiles Support, and Record and Playback Functionality. Keyboard Shortcut Integration allows you to trigger automated clicks using customized key combinations, providing quick and convenient control.

Multiple Profiles Support ensures you can save and switch between various click configurations effortlessly, adapting to different tasks or games. Record and Playback Functionality simplifies the process of creating automated actions by allowing you to record your own interactions and play them back as needed, streamlining your digital experience and boosting productivity.


The Auto Clicker Mod APK is a powerful tool that caters to both gamers and professionals. It empowers users to automate clicking tasks with precision and flexibility, offering a plethora of features that can be tailored to your specific needs. From gaming macros to repetitive office tasks, this modded APK opens up a world of possibilities, all at your fingertips. Streamline your digital activities, save time, and achieve a new level of efficiency with the Auto Clicker Mod APK. Download it today and unlock the potential of automation in your daily life.


Q: Can I customize the click intervals in the Auto Clicker Mod APK?

Yes, the Auto Clicker Mod APK often allows users to adjust the click intervals, giving you control over the speed at which clicks occur, matching your specific needs.

Q: Is it possible to automate complex click sequences with this mod?

Absolutely. Many Auto Clicker Mods support repeatable click sequences, enabling you to automate intricate series of clicks for gaming or productivity.

Q: Can I use different profiles for various applications or games with the Auto Clicker Mod APK?

Yes, the Multiple Profiles Support feature allows you to create and switch between profiles tailored to different tasks or games.

Q: Is it easy to record and playback clicks with this mod?

Absolutely. Record and Playback Functionality simplifies the process of automating actions by recording your interactions and playing them back when needed.

Q: Do these mods work on all operating systems?

The compatibility of Auto Clicker Mod APKs can vary. Some are designed for specific operating systems, so it’s essential to choose one that matches your system.

Download Auto Clicker MOD APK

Download (4 MB)

You are now ready to download Auto Clicker MOD APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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