Top 5 Best Lan WiFi & Bluetooth Multiplayer Android Games

June 20, 2023 (3 months ago)
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Everyone loves to play games with their friends and buddies. I personally play lot’s of Android games with my friends but when I play games with them online, I often face many problems like connectivity, poor discussion & coordination and many more. This is why I look for games which can be played through local WiFi or via Bluetooth.

This is a really awesome way to play games with your friends. Just relax on the sofa, call your buddies, open the game, turn on the hotspot and see who wins the game. This is really funny and enjoyable to play. This makes you and your friends time to spend with enjoy.

There are hundreds of games on the Internet available to play via WiFi or bluetooth but it’s our responsibility to choose the gems out of them. I played almost every good local LAN WiFi Android game and then I compiled the list and chose best out of them. Today, I will give you the best Multiplayer lan WiFi or Bluetooth games.

Best Multiplayer LAN WiFi & Bluetooth games for Android

1.Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

This game deserves the first position in our list. Because don’t find any game better than this. This is probably the best Multiplayer land WiFi game for Android. All you need to do is turn on hotspot in one device and connect all the devices into it and enjoy the game.

mini militia

You will be placed into a cool 2d environment with everyone who has joined your game. The graphics of the game is 2d but believe me, you will be falling in love with this game. There are many new places to discover in the game and You can increase your rank in the game. You will be playing a game against each other of your friends. Try out this game, This is something which can make your day worth.

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2. Bomb Squads

In Bomb Squads, you will be playing the game with each other and defeat your enemies in the game. The best part is you can play in opposition to your friends as well as with each other also. There are many different modes in the game to play but I often play classic mode which is really awesome.

This is the game which can make your day worth. I used to play this game with my friends and you won’t believe how fast time goes when you play this game. I liked the football level most as you can have more fun on that level.

3. Racers Vs Cops

This is again an excellent Multiplayer LAN WiFi game where you can choose whichever you want whether to be a racer or a cop but make sure you follow the way as your role. If you become racer as me you need to complete your race without getting caught by police and if you become cop then you need to arrest the racers. This is again an awesome game with extremely realistic graphics and physics.

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4. Crazy Racing 

It’s my personal favorite game. I used to spend hours and hours playing this game with my brother. This game is available on the Google Play store with free of cost as all the games mentioned above. You and your opponent will fight against each other to see who’s the best among you. Gameplay, Graphics, and sound of the game are pretty simple but the fun is next level.

5. Mini Motor Racing

If you guys are four players than this game is something which you must play with your all four friends. The game is based on the top camera perspective view from the top of the game. This makes this game more interesting. I like the clashes among my friends in the game.

Last words

Last but not least, I really loved playing all these games and I am sure you will also. You can easily download all these games from the google play store.

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