Top 10 Best Android Games Under 10 Mb (You will get Addicted)

June 20, 2023 (3 months ago)
Best Android Games To Play

When it comes to playing games then My personal favorite and best platform would be Android. Android Games has always been best among all. Everyone looks for Android games especially simple 2d graphics game which could be best pronounce as Android Games Under 10 Mb. Yes, there are many games which are under 10 Mb and works better than 100 Mb Games.

You will get amused by some best games which I am gonna tell you today. But one thing of which you need to be careful of these games is really addicted. So don’t get addicted to these small size titles. Let’s have look on Some best Android Games under 10 Mb.

Top 10 Best Android Games Under 10 Mb

Here is a list of these simple 2d beautiful graphics games, choose whichever you like the most:

1. Battleship Game

This is a really awesome game, you’ll enjoy the excitement and this game is about 10 Mb and all you need to do in the game is a spot the enemies battleships and then you win the match. A Classic sea battle is added right to you as an android game, play together with your smartphone or tablet, and it has a groovy look.

When you download this Highly compressed game under 10 Mb, it will offer you a variety of things that the fleet battle has to provide which make this game different from all other. When you play this world of warships, you’ll be defeating one after the other your enemy’s battleships, be capable of continuing from the bottom rank to the very best-from seaman recruit to the Navy Admiral.

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2. Clumsy Bird

Clumsy Bird is just another version of Flappy Bird is a really interesting and beautiful game which will test your one-touch action skills. In this game, you need to touch your screen in order to make you bird jump in the sky. More you survive in the match more your points will be. And at last, you can show off your friend with your score.

But be careful as this game is really addicted. I literally got addicted to this game when I first downloaded this game on my Android Phone. This is why this game deserves the second position in the list of best highly compressed android games.

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3. 2048

It is nothing but a puzzle game. This size of the game depends according to your device but I am sure it will not take more than 10 Mb. This game is for those who want to test their brains and intelligence. Honestly, I hardly able to win any match after playing this game for 4 days. You need to have almost 120 level of IQ to solve the puzzle of this game.

What you need to do in the game is just make 2048. The match starts at 2 and then you will mix up the same numbers with them and multiply them in order to make 2048. This seems easy but when you play the game then you come to know how difficult the game is. Are you intelligent? if yes, this game is something you must try as an android game under 10 Mb.

4. 1Line

It is Mind-blowing puzzle game in which you need to do is that you draw 1 line, This will help you to sharpen your mind. This game is free and you simply must draw one line to win the game. There are not many rules, “Connect all dots with just one line.” And it is not easy at it seems. Some of the levels in the game are really difficult, complicated puzzles which are really hard to solve.

If you get stuck somewhere then have look on the hint. There are more than 10 levels, and about 500 stages. When you begin the game it starts off with simple levels, however, when you proceed further in the game levels starts becoming difficult. Then this game will challenge your skills.

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5. Brave Ninja, Best in the list of Games under 10 Mb

This is probably the best Android game under 10 Mb. This game not only supports some good graphics but also good gameplay along with the sound. This game is an arcade-style video game and you need to complete missions of the ninja. There are different levels in the game which you need to complete, like tilt the screen, get rid of flying darts, collect coins and many more.

This game includes more than 80 levels of collecting coins, buy power-ups, and you need to complete all the missions as a Pro gamer. The best part is this game is under 10Mb but I personally don’t play this game very much this is why this game is placed below the list of best Android games under 10 MB.

6. Modern Sniper

This is the best first person mini-game, Modern Sniper will let you enjoy the whirlwind tour of the crime base. You will act as sniper geared up to play your element in dangerous attacks and silent murderer missions. Kill the group of your enemies at road level or take out the single high shot target. You can access to an inventory of sniper rifles and attack rifles, you may rely upon your marksman skills to complete your job.

7. Don’t Tap the White Tile

Do you like quick reaction games? If you do then Don’t Tap the White Tile is the game which you should download on your Android phone. In this game, you need to tap black tiles and then move further within the game. Whenever you touch the Black tiles your match will over.

This is a challenging game and with Under 10 Mb of size. This game offers many modes like classic, arcade, relay, zen and rush. However, the gameplay is really going to test your skills.

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8. Mekorama

This my personal favorite and one of the maximum famous puzzle game available under 10 Mb games. The game is suggested as an Editor’s choice if you’re using Google Play Store. Most I liked is that game is available at no cost and no ads in the game. You can revel incomplete features of the game without paying a single penny at freed from cost.

The game is based on a tiny little robot named Mekorama. You just need to do is to help it to discover its way to attain its final end. Doing so will grow you further in the game by completing levels, and the following level might be unlocked after completing one. The game seems to be easy at first however the game could be very logical, and you want to make your mind very sharp. The best part is that this game is really addicted.

9. Shadow Skating

Have you played Vector game, it has started out a brand new trend by using designing shadow themed style of games. I personally like to play the Vector video games advanced by Nekki. But the Vector 2 and Shadow Fight 3 are both using a really high amount of storage and memory as they’re having download sizes of 152MB and 445 MB of both. I uninstalled these two games as soon as I came to know about Shadow Stake.

I found that this Shadow Skate game below 10 MB with a similar subject and to my surprise, the app is only of 8.6 MB, this is why this game deserves a position in the list of Best games under 10 MB. This title has totally simple gameplay and simple controls. It may be very sincere skating game and you may easily get to know about the game.

10. Break the Prison, cool game under 10 Mb

Are you intelligent enough to break out of jail? if yes, then Break the prison is the game you must download on your Android phone. It was my dream to break the jail and anybody likes to break the policies that are intended to be observed. If you’re the only who enjoys breaking rules then Break the Prison game is made for you only.

The game might little old graphics look, however, as you pass up with completing levels then you will become better and the game will entertain you. There isn’t any specific good graphics but the game is not about graphics but it seems colorful and as this is the prison breaking game. The title is made only for everyone who’s above 7 years.


After playing many games under 10 Mb I come to know that that games which are really large in size and good in graphics don’t give the enjoy as the level as 10 MB games do. However, this is all on you which game you want to try and which do not.  I personally suggest you to at least give a try to these best Android game under 10 Mb.

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