How to Use Netflix Premium For Free(MOD APK/Free Accounts/Cookies)

June 22, 2023 (3 months ago)
Netflix For Free Premium

Netflix is one of the best online movies and Tv Series Streaming services available on the Internet. There are thousands of Web series, Movies, and podcasts available on Netflix. But you can’t just have all these for free, Netflix may definitely want something in return and that would be of course some Money from your pocket on a monthly basis.

And I think they ask for a reasonable amount of money for Netflix Premium Subscription. Shows like Stranger Things, Daredevil, Sacred Games need a really good amount of budget to make and they also want profit. However, People like me just want to watch some shows and for those couple of shows, it becomes really difficult to pay Rs500 to Rs700 monthly.

Therefore we discovered some ways by which we can use NetFlix for free. As Netflix is a billion-dollar company so, it becomes difficult to hack something like this, however, with some tricks you can have the benefit of Netflix premium for free.

Is it possible to use it for free?

Now, you might ask whether is it really possible to use Netflix premium for free, well, yes, it is possible but only if you do it in the right way. There are ways to use Netflix for free like you can download Netflix MOD APK but in this case, MOD APK works sometimes but most of the time it doesn’t work, you can try it on your device and see how it goes with you.

Today, I’ll give you the best ways by which you can use Netflix For Free without any difficulty. Just stick around with me and have some notes. But first let’s have look at what all features will we get in Netflix Premium:

Features of Netflix Premium

Watch in Ultra HD

You might know that Netflix takes Rs800 for Premium Account which will let you watch every movie in Ultra HD. And in this Account or MOD APK which I will give you, you’ll get Feature of watching movie in Ultra HD. All you need is high-speed Internet and some 4K Tv Screens to enjoy the view quality of 4K resolution.

Share with 4 others

Do you know that once you bought one subscription or got a free subscription then you can share that account with 4 other people. This is what I really like and what I usually do is find 3 others who are really big fan of watching web series and then share my account with them and we all share equal percent of fees.

Free to Download

You can also download any episode or movie which you like in Netflix Premium MOD APK or any free account. It is really easy, you’ll get option to download the episode and save it for future use when you don’t have access to the Internet. I often use this feature.

Share Account with Others

Netflix Premium

Netflix does not allow you to share an account with more than 4 people thus it gives the option to make only 4 accounts with different email and password with one subscription. However, if you want to share your email and password then you can share that with unlimited people. But make sure that they don’t change the password or even email of the account.

How to Get Netflix For Free

Now, I am going to give some best ways by which you can get Netflix for free, Some of them can work and some may not work with you but I think you should try all and one will definitely work for you.

1 Month trail can exceed 12 months also

Now, you might be wondering that how can it happen, but yes it is possible if you do in a proper way.  You might already know that Netflix gives 1-month free trial where you can see several shows of Netflix for free but for one month only. After that, you need to pay for it.

  1. However, if you don’t want to pay after that then you should follow these steps:
  2. Make any temporary email, there are thousands of Email provider over the Internet, choose one.
  3. Now, sign up for Netflix with fake Credit or debit card details, you can get details here.
  4. And after the 29th day of the month, just cancel the account and that’s all.
  5. Again use the same trick and you know what, you need to do this trick only 12 times in a year. and it will take hardly 5 minutes to do that.

Buy Netflix for 200 Rupee only

It is a face whatever way you use to use Netflix, one or another day it will not work, because focuses on frauds very much. They spend a really good amount of money on hackers and spammers. So, it is kind of very difficult to Watch Netflix premium for Free. However, what you can do is share the money with your friends.

What I used to do before is that I share the money among 4 people and we all share one account. We all friends share one account among all and we all were happy as we have to spend only Rs200 each. This is something you can do right now, call your friends who are addicted to the Netflix series and tell this idea.

Netflix Premium MOD APK

Do you know that our team has modded this app by which you can watch all Netflix premium series and Movies for Free. But this premium MOD APK may work, may not work with some devices. Many users were complaining that Premium MOD APK was not working with them thus I thought of not giving priority to this way of watching Netflix for Free. However, you can try out this if you want, Download here Netflix Premium MOD.

Free Shared Accounts

What many people do is that they create one account and subscribe Netflix for a year or so and then share it online. And this is done in huge, and there is a huge list of Netflix free Accounts on Internet but it always becomes difficult to find them. You’ll never get any free account just by searching it over the Internet and then WOWOO I found it. No, it doesn’t work like this.

These accounts were shared in forums, private chats, facebook groups and all. These are some places which are very difficult to find. But hey, do you know that we also regularly updating these accounts on our site, as soon as we found these accounts right then we update our site with these accounts email, username, and Password.

Netflix Cookies

Netflix Cookies

Netflix cookies is just a typical way to use NetFlix premium in free. All you need to be updated and safe to use cookies code which you can install on your Ip of Netflix through extension. The main purpose of this is making Netflix assume that you’re using Netflix in the paid version. However, this way is difficult and even not permanent but you can always try out Netflix cookies if any other way does not work for you.

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Final Words

I’ve told you almost each and every way how you can watch Netflix Premium shows in Genuine way. However, I recommend you not to use any kind of shortcut or free way, it’s better to buy Netflix by sharing with your friends. If you face any kind of problem anywhere then you can comment below and I’ll give you the best solution.

Share these methods with your friends and let them know about these wonderful ways of getting Netflix Premium for Free.

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