How to Increase Rank on PUBG Mobile (Gold to Ace in 2 Weeks)

June 20, 2023 (6 months ago)
Increase Rank In Pubg

PUBG Mobile is one of the most playing game for an Android device. First, it was available for PC and console only but now, there’s Mobile version of PUBG for both iOS and Android. After the Mobile version, the game got a huge spike in its downloads in Google Play store as well as App Store. But We are here to not to discuss how good the game is but to discuss How you can be better in the game and How to push or increase your Rank in the game.

Everyone who plays PUBG wants to increase their Rank as it is the main way to judge how good the player is and you will also get many additional benefits of increasing your Rank in PUBG Mobile. So, this is why I am here to tell you how you can increase your rank. I personally increased my rank from gold to Ace in about 2 weeks and the best part is now I am going to be in conqueror soon.

The best way to increase your rank is to become pro in the game and here are the best tips to become pro in PUBG Mobile. But if you want to continue with this article you can. I will give you some best tips and ways by which you can definitly able to increase your rank to conqueror or ace. Rank Push is not difficult, just some little tweaks and knowledge is far enough to achieve a good rank and show off your friends with your rank.

Best Tips to Increase Your Rank in PUBG Mobile

So, before I tell you some best ways let me share with you that the only way to achieve good rank is to practice more. More you practice and more you play more the matches you win and more the damage you’ll get and automatically your rank will increase as anything.

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Survival is not important than kills

Most People would say that if you want to increase your rank then you need to survive till last and be in the top 5. Yes, it is true that survival will push your rank not kills but actually, it’s not true. Have you ever saw gameplay of any pro gamers in youtube, If you had you might know that most of them land on crowded places where they rush for kills and same chances of getting killed also for them.

pubg mobile gameplay

They don’t land in safe places, most pro gamers land on places like georgopol, Novo, Pochinki, boot camp etc. They try to get more kills, they don’t hide and wait for enemies till last. But still, they are in ace and conqueror. Why don’t their rankings get down?

Just because they are not good players but because they became a good player. They all were noob sometimes but they don’t hide and survive to increase their rank but they take more fights, get killed again try and try and practice makes them Pro players. Same you need to take more fights to be pro and practice more. And this is the fact that if not now but at last of the match you need to face the enemies, so why not to face now.

But this way your ranking will go down and eventually when your game will improve your rankings will be on the peak.

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One at one time

It’s not possible to get your self on the top for all modes. That means you cannot be on ace on singles mode along with duo and squad. So if you want to increase your rank then you need to decide a particular mode which you want to increase and only concentrate on one. Simple words, you cannot go to Mumbai and Delhi at the same time.

It is a really important point as I noticed that many people play arcade match in singles and then sanhok in the squad and then erangel in duo. Even if you win all three then also you cannot be in ace for a particular mode. This is why you need to play one mode at one time.

Wins over kills

No one knows how the PUBG’s ranking mechanism works but as per most gamers they say that Damage matters a lot in PUBG Mobile. This is why you need to kill as many as you can. And don’t forget that if you get killed soon in the match, this works as negative marking. You need to win as many matches as you can in order to push your rank in PUBG Mobile.

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Start using claw control or triggers

Claw control or triggers is something which can make you a Pro player within a month. If you use only 2 fingers then stop thinking about ace, It is near impossible to hit an ace or even crown with 2 fingers control. Yes, you can skip this point if you use emulator, playing on PC.

I don’t suggest you use triggers because using triggers can make you pro but not a satisfactory pro player and using trigger never satisfy any pro player. But still, if you want to use trigger you can it will not cost you more than 300 rupees. These are my personal favorite and best triggers for PUBG which I used before.

Okay, but if you’re using Claw control then something you need to learn before stepping into a claw. First thing is that You cannot learn 4 fingers claw control within a day or week even. It is going to take time but time will be of worth. What you can do is first learn 3 fingers claw and then proceed to 4 fingers. And copy the claw layout from here this site.

High-end device

If you are playing PUBG Mobile in 2 Gb Ram then sorry to say forget Ace. I am really sorry for using harsh sentences but its true. One lag and that is the time you lost the game. This is why I suggest you to start saving for a good device, You should have a minimum of 3 Gb of Ram to see how the Ace league looks like.

There are some more tips which are really becoming hard to write here. This is why I found an article sharing those best tips which can increase your rank as anything. You should also have a look at these tips to grow your Rank in PUBG Mobile. Thanks and all the best for your Rank PUSH.


These all are just a few tips given by FastMODAPK but the main point is only practice, practice and practice. If you play the game more and work hard in the game then only you can increase your rank. It’s not difficult to increase rank but just to follow some simple strategies in a good way.

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