Garena Free Fire Vs PUBG Mobile(Which is best for you)

June 22, 2023 (6 months ago)
Free Fire Vs Pubg

There’s always been big confusion between both whether Garena free fire or PUBG which is good among them. But fight simple doesn’t end with which game is downloaded by most. So, this will take this article long. I know PUBG is downloaded more than the Free Fire and most of you, will tell that PUGB is better but wait, it’s not true.

Yes, Most people love PUBG Mobile rather then Garena Free Fire but we also keep in mind that PUBG Mobile has many disadvantages which are really not an in-game disadvantage but the biggest, which is Addiction. You must keep in mind that PUBG Mobile is really addicted, 90% of gamers get addicted to this game after playing for 2-5 weeks and on another hand, only 20% of gamers get the addict to Free fire.

And one more point to keep in mind that everyone has different taste, so, one who likes PUBG that doesn’t mean Free fire is bad for them. And one of like PUBG Mobile that also doesn’t mean he won’t like Garena Free fire. One thing is that PUBG Mobile is kind of more battle game and Free fire is more pleasant than of PUBG.

So, People who like to play to play games which are pleasant and simple then Garena Free Fire would be the best choice for them. And who like more wars and battles than of nature than PUBG would be the best game for them. Let’s have look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Games.

Garena Free Fire Vs PUBG Mobile

Why Play PUBG Mobile?

If you love battle games and a great fan of wars and guns then PUBG Mobile is a great choice for you. This is the game which you must download on your Mobile Phone. And there is nothing more to say why you should play PUBG on your Android Device. Everyone is playing this game and there’s no game better than this and this is true. But again I am saying, everyone has different taste this is why you should keep on reading this post.

Why Not to Play PUBG Mobile?

This can be a little tricky. People who like a pleasant game and don’t want something thrilling in their life then they should not play PUBG game on your Mobile Device. And one Biggest reason to not play PUBG game is that this game is really addicted. And Addiction is something which no one wants in their life. This is why I encourage that you should play Garena Free Fire if you cannot control your addiction or you can read this post to control PUBG Addiction.

Why Play Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is a simple game with not much-complicated controls and problems of recoil. There’s no recoil in Garena Free Fire and one main thing is its pleasant game with charming realistic graphics. This game provides you simple beautiful game graphics with wonderful sound and that makes this game great.

pubg vs free fire

In fact, Garena Free Fire for mobile came before then of PUBG. So by following the rule of Old is the gold you must download and play Garena free Fire. The main thing is that Garena Free fire doesn’t let you get the addict to this game so don’t worry about whether you can get the addict to this game. You can Download Free FIRE MOD APK if you want.

Why Not To Play Garena Free Fire?

Only one reason is there and that is if you play PUBG. Thus, if you play PUBG game then Garena Free Fire is game you shouldn’t play because you can get confused with controls of both games as you can’t remember controls of both games at the same time.


After playing both games for a certain period I realized that you can’t play both games at one time. That means you can’t handle controls of both games and it is much difficult to remember the controls and master both games at one time. So choose whichever game you like but remember not to play both games.

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