Top 7 Best Tips for Call of Duty Mobile (How to Play to Win Always)

June 22, 2023 (6 months ago)
Classes In Call Of Duty Mobile

Since after the release of Call of Duty for PC, the gaming industry has completely changed. People now look for more shooting Action games, this is why the developer of Android’s Best Game Tencent and developers of Pc’s Best game Activision has made one game named Call of Duty Mobile for Android that has clearly broken the records.

Just like any other Multiplayer game Call of Duty Mobile gives you the same experience, same I mean best among all. The game is best in graphics, sound, gameplay, smooth, no glitches and anything. What I like the most about the game that it supports multiple game modes that don’t let you feel bored easily.

Not only it supports TDM but the game also supports battle Royale mode. But the game is not easy to play, people face any problems while playing this game so, here¬† I am going to tell you all that what are things you’re doing wrong and what you should to do become pro in the game. I came up with 10 best tips which will really make Pro Player.

Call of Duty: Mobile 7 best Tips to feel like Pro

First, Select your Shooting Mode

If you played the game then you may already know that the game offers you tow modes, Simple and Advanced. Simple Mode, whenever you aim over the enemy weapon, will fire automatically without your scope. But if you want it for manually then go with Advance Mode. But what I think is that if you’re a beginner to the game then you should o with default simple Mode.

But if you have sniper then t could be bad for you as it doesn’t ask you before the shoot. What I think for TDM you can go with Simple Mode and for Battle Royale, You should select Advanced Mod and you will see a significant difference in gameplay.

Choose your Character Class Right

classes in Call of duty mobile

There is a total of 6 classes in the game, you need to choose the character best for your match. These are classes in the game:

  • Scout: This will give you 2 benefits. You can see the footprints of enemies for a longer time. And second is that sensor dart which will show you all players in your vicinity and scout all of them.
  • Ninja: Ninja on another hand will not let your enemies hear your footsteps.
  • Defender: With this class, you can place a transformable and flashing shield whenever you want. You can also boost the capacity to resist damage by 20% from bullets.
  • Medic: He is better in healing your teammates but only when they will be around your circle. You can revive your teammate with 25% less time in the game.
  • Clown: He has a bomb that will produce zombies and they will attack your enemies. And yes you will have the anti-zombie ability.
  • Mechanic: Mechanic Class will deploy an EMP drone that will check on EMP interference with the enemies. You can fly it for 80 meters of the radius.

Upgrade your Weapons Regularly

You must have different weapons with your which you can use in Multiplayer Mode. More you earn the experience more the weapon will be upgraded. You should upgrade weapons more if you want to get guns with new sights, magazines, foregrips, and stocks which will upgrade your weapon.

If you want to win every match then you should definitely upgrade your weapons and if you don’t like to upgrade yourself then you can also download Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK where you will get all weapons upgraded.

Choose your Graphic Settings Optimum

If your Android phone does not support full Ultra HD graphics and FPG fluctuates very much then you should change the graphics settings. I think if you’re phone has 3Gb of RAM then you should go with HD or medium graphics as by doing this your game will not fluctuate more and you will able to play the game in high FPS.

FPS is something on which whole gameplay depends upon, higher the FPS more the gameplay will improve. But that does not mean that you need to make FPS to Ultra but to select FPS according to Graphics.

Take Advantage of Multiplayer Mode Like Drone

defender image

When you play Multiplayer Mode then your character will get many boosts and advantages. Like one Boost will allow you to get magazine of full ammo from your enemy’s body. One will give you the ability to use your weapon till the match end without the need to switch weapon to another.

One Character have one Drone and missile by which you can see the enemies and fire on them. Using this weapon would be the best strategy in Multiplayer Mode. The drone will help you check out your enemies where they are and missiles will kill them.

The missile will kill all the enemies in the blast radius. The UAV will be launched in all the direction of the enemies and you can kill them after getting them caught. You will get a Radar in your UAV which gives you the exact position of enemy’s location and can fire easily.

Make Accurate use of Helicopter

If you played battle Royale Mode then you may already know about the helicopter. What I suggest you is don’t use Helicopter, why that, as it could destroy your whole squad playing. You should Fly Helicopter only when you need to cover far distance and alone. Most time you should use road vehicles only.

What People do is sit in the helicopter and fire to enemies this is the worst strategy that anybody can opt as killing from above sitting with sitting in a chopper is far difficult than killing from the ground. I think the only benefit of a helicopter is to cover up the distance to a safe zone in the quickest way.

Understand the Controls

As your character crouches then your character will slide but only when sprinting or running. This technique will help dodge bullets and change your location after being spotted by your enemies. The best thing is that you can even fire when you sliding while crouching this will give ability to damage more your enemies while dodging from bullets.

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