Best Guns Combinations in PUBG Mobile(Play like a Pro)

June 20, 2023 (3 months ago)
Best Gun Combination

PUBG Mobile is the most downloaded game for Android. within a year it became to be the most popular game all around the world. There’s no doubt in that this is probably the best game of 2019 for now. Everyone wants to Pro in the game and its true that mastering the game isn’t an easy task.

It took around more than 6 months to master the game for me. Now, I am ar ace league and always keeps up down. But now, I am good at the game and I can say myself as a Pro PUBG Player. And believe me, it’s not as difficult to be pro. So don’t worry, Your game will be improving as anything after reading this post.

There are hundreds of ways to master the game but the best one is choosing the combination of the right guns. So this is what we are going to see in this article. You need to be master to select the best guns combinations. Most People died only because they don’t have the right guns on both panels of guns.

Best Guns Combinations in PUBG Mobile

There are many good combinations and every combination varies according to your way of playing and your skills. This is why I am here to tell you. To see your potential and find which combination would be best for you.

DP-28 + M24(Best for Everyone)

The Best Combination for all PUBG lovers would be DP-28 an awesome assault rifle with M24 Sniper rifle. And there’s no second choice in that All Pro player take one AR gun and one Sniper. This is why they become Pro. If you also want to master the game then this combination would be the best for you and replace m24 with Kar98k if you are unable to find m24.

Always make sure that you have one Assualt Rifle gun with one sniper and it’s on you that you choose one handgun or not. I personally don’t take when I get these two.

M416 + kar98k(Second Best Choice)

Second, the best choice would be m416 an awesome Assualt Rifle with Best Sniper Kar98k or M24. If you have 5.56 Ammo then m416 is the best gun but make sure you are good at controlling Recoil. M416 is best only when your recoil is good. if not, then the best gun would Scar-l this is why I personally choose scar-l with one sniper.

My friend is really good at controlling recoil this is why he always chooses m416 or AKM. The Best thing About AKM is, it has really good damage that makes this gun killer while having close combat. But hardly someone able to control this gun on distance because of its recoil. So, if you want are a great fan of close combats then always try to take AKM and have chicken dinner.

UMP is not Kid

Most People think that UMP is not a good gun because of its low damage. but you also must keep in mind that this is probably the most stable firing Gun. I always take UMP with M416 or AKM. UMP with a red dot or holograph nearly no recoil. UMP with 2x or 3x just simple recoil that everyone can control. UMP with 4x or 6x, just little practice but no other gun can handle 6x with as low recoil as UMP does.

So, UMP is my other great choice when it comes to having a firing mechanism with a larger view(more zoom). And If you add Compensator in UMP then its nothing just kill kill kill. If you add higher level scope then its add compensator and if lower level then Suppressor.


Everyone wants to be a Pro Player in the game and believe me it’s not difficult. All you need to know is some basics and some practice and can easily be a Pro. I specifically wrote an article about how you can be Pro in the game if you want to read that you can.

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