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Ark Survival Evolved MOD APK v2.0.28 (Unlimited Everything, God Console)

Enhance your experience with our Ark Survival Evolved MOD APK. Unlock unlimited resources, god mode, and exciting features. Download now and conquer the prehistoric world!

App Name Ark Survival Evolved
Publisher Dan Leveille
Size 2.3 GB
Latest Version v2.0.28
MOD Info Unlimited Everything, God Console
Requires 4.4 and up
Get it On Google Play
Download (2.3 GB)
MOD Info
  • Infinite Resources
  • God Mode
  • Unlocked Engrams
  • Max Character Stats
  • Instant Taming
  • Fly Mode
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Fall Damage
  • Custom Weather Control
  • Dino Control
  • Super Speed
  • Instant Crafting
  • Increased XP Gain
  • One-Hit Kill
  • No Hunger or Thirst
  • All Skins Unlocked
  • Super Jump
  • Unlimited Building Structures
  • All Creatures Tamable
  • Teleportation
  • Infinite Oxygen
  • Night Vision
  • Customizable Day/Night Cycle
  • No Radiation
  • Unlimited Weight
  • No Disease
  • Max Wild Dino Level
  • No Weather Effects
  • No Collision
  • Unlock All Tek Engrams

Unleash the power of ark survival evolved mod apk god console, enabling you to roam the land and face off against the most fearsome dinosaurs and creatures without fear. With unlimited resources at your fingertips, building and crafting become a breeze. Tame colossal creatures in the blink of an eye, explore the skies with the ability to fly, and enjoy countless other enhancements that take your Ark adventure to the next level.

Infinite Resources, God Mode and Unlocked Engrams

Infinite Resources in the ark survival evolved mod apk god console provide an unlimited supply of vital materials like wood, stone, and metal, removing the need for tiresome resource gathering. With this feature, players can focus on their creativity, constructing sprawling bases and crafting advanced gear without constraints, making the survival experience both efficient and enjoyable.

This divine-like ability allows adventurers to explore the game world fearlessly, engage in epic battles without the fear of defeat, and concentrate on accomplishing their objectives without the constant threat of death, creating a thrilling sense of power and control.

Unlocked Engrams instantly provides access to all the game’s engrams or crafting recipes, eliminating the need to level up and spend precious points to unlock them.

ark survival evolved mod apk

Max Character Stats, Instant Taming and Fly Mode

Max Character Stats is a game-enhancing feature in the Ark Survival Evolved mod APK that boosts a player’s attributes to their maximum potential. This means maximum health, stamina, oxygen, food, water, weight, and melee damage, providing your character with unparalleled strength and endurance.  Instant Taming is a game-changing feature in the Ark Survival Evolved mod APK that accelerates the taming process of wild creatures to near-instant levels.

Instead of spending hours waiting for a creature to be tamed, this feature reduces the time to a mere moment, allowing you to swiftly build your army of loyal animal companions. Fly Mode grants players the ability to take to the skies at will, allowing them to soar above the Ark’s vast and treacherous landscapes.

ark survival evolved mod apk

Unlimited Ammo, No Fall Damage and Custom Weather Control

Unlimited Ammo is a game-altering feature in the Ark Survival Evolved mod APK that removes the need to worry about ammunition. With this feature, your ranged weapons will never run dry, allowing you to engage in battles without concerns of ammunition scarcity. No Fall Damage is a protective feature in the Ark Survival Evolved mod APK that grants your character immunity from taking damage when falling from heights.

It provides the freedom to explore the game’s vertical terrain without concern for your character’s well-being. Custom Weather Control is a unique feature that empowers players to manipulate and modify the in-game weather according to their preferences. You can adjust factors like rain, storms, and temperature, tailoring the environment to suit your needs.

Dino Control, Super Speed and Instant Crafting

Dino Control is a commanding feature in the Ark Survival Evolved mod APK that gives players the ability to exert full control over the game’s dinosaurs. This includes both tamed and wild creatures, allowing you to command their movements, actions, and behaviors. Super Speed is a lightning-fast feature in the Ark Survival Evolved mod APK, granting your character an incredible burst of velocity.

With this ability, you can traverse the vast landscapes of the Ark at astonishing speeds, making exploration and transportation across the island a breeze. Instant Crafting is a time-saving feature in the Ark Survival Evolved mod APK that eliminates the waiting time for item and structure crafting.

ark survival evolved mod apk


Ark: Survival Evolved is a game of unparalleled challenges and adventures, and our modded APK unlocks the full potential of this epic journey. With god mode, unlimited resources, and an array of premium features, you’ll dominate the prehistoric world like never before. Download our mod today and experience the game in a way that’s limited only by your imagination.

Say goodbye to resource constraints, relentless battles, and hours of grinding. Embrace your newfound power, soar through the skies, tame colossal beasts, and conquer this savage land with ease.


Q: Is it safe to use the Ark Survival Evolved mod APK?

Yes, the mod APK is designed to enhance your gaming experience without causing harm to your device.

Q: What features does the mod APK provide for Ark Survival Evolved?

The mod offers various premium features like unlimited resources, super speed, and instant crafting.

Q: Can I play online with friends using the mod APK?

Yes, you can still enjoy multiplayer gameplay with your friends while using the mod APK.

Q: Does the mod APK work on all devices?

The mod is compatible with a wide range of devices, but performance may vary.

Q: Do I need to root my device to install the mod APK?

No, you can install the mod without rooting your device.

Download Ark Survival Evolved

Download (2.3 GB)

You are now ready to download Ark Survival Evolved for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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